A Growing Trend To Offer Seniors And Other Patients Quality Home Care Services

Many of the services you receive as an inpatient can be offered to you at home. A home care physician will generally work with other health care professionals to initiate and follow through on plans for home care services that you require. You will be assigned the best medical staff members who are trained to provide these services for as often as you need each home care service.

Providing You with the Best Home Care Services

The goal of home care professionals is to provide you with the best service possible while you are recovering from surgery or an illness. Patients do heal at inpatient facilities. However, many seniors and other patients indicate a preference for recuperating in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. There is a growing trend in the healthcare industry to respond to patients' wishes by bringing total home healthcare to them.

Registered Nurse Assesses Your Needs

If you are recovering from surgery, a highly-trained registered nurse can professionally care for you in your home. That nurse will assess not only your needs but that of your family while setting up a unique care plan for you guided by your physician's orders.

It may be that you underwent cancer surgery. Your services could include wound care and monitoring of the site. Intravenous treatments can be offered by your skilled registered nurse. Medicines are dispensed by the nurse who will also monitor you for possible side effects. Your pain control needs, emotional support and health advice will be addressed.

Occupational Therapy Services

A qualified occupational therapist will evaluate you in your home in order to recognize the activities of daily living (ADL) that you have difficulty performing. You will learn how to perform your daily tasks of bathing, dressing and eating and other household tasks you performed before becoming ill. You will be taught to use any special equipment that helps you to perform your ADL tasks.

Social and Emotional Needs Evaluated by Social Workers

Social workers ensure that your financial needs are met. They verify whether you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance so that your medical bills will be paid for. These skilled caseworkers examine social and emotional factors that could negatively impact your road-to-recovery process. They solve your problems and offer comfort in a humane way that prevents you from becoming overwhelmed by your current situation.

Physical Therapy Provided in Your Home

Sometimes patients develop weakened muscles or suffer sport injuries. A particular nerve might be impinging on a muscle. This could cause excruciating pain. Physical therapists are skilled professionals who use manipulation exercises to literally free a trapped muscle from the impingement. Physical therapists are highly competent professionals who work hard to free you of pain with the use of manual exercises. You will not need pain pills to banish your pain, and you will not suffer any side-effects from physical therapy treatments.

To discuss your needs and begin setting up your home care plan, contact a home care service, such as JFS at Home.