Top Advantages Of Long-Term Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

You have made the decision that it is time to move forward with your life, recover from your addiction, and achieve sobriety. You have two primary choices to consider at this important crossroad: should you go with short-term addiction treatment or a long-term, inpatient program? Most people choose the former because they can't imagine committing to a long-term program. However, long-term addiction treatment programs do have some pretty awesome advantages. Take a look at some of the top advantages of choosing a long-term inpatient program when you know you need help overcoming a problem with substance abuse.

Tapeworms: Are They An "Urgent Care" Kind Of Problem?

Most people could go through most of their lives never knowing that their intestines harbor the nasty parasite known as the tapeworm. It is not until you begin experiencing some symptoms, or the tapeworm has grown so long that its tail end begins exiting your anus, that you even realize that you have one. If you do experience pain, anemia, extensive weight loss, diarrhea with blood in it, or white segments of this flattened parasite showing up in your stools, it is urgent that you see a doctor.

Chemotherapy-Induced Anorexia Options

Chemotherapy is an invaluable tool in defeating cancer, but it has its drawbacks. One of the most common and problematic side effects is an extreme lack of appetite and nausea when attempting to eat. Unfortunately, there isn't yet a form of chemotherapy that doesn't have the potential to induce short-term anorexia. However, you can still get help for this disorder without being forced to try a different cancer treatment. Here are three treatment options for eating disorders to help get you eating normally again.