A Guide on Medical Dispensaries

Health care is an essential part of human rights and needs. Unfortunately, health care is perceived to be in line with big hospitals and a battalion of skilled personnel. Yet, that is usually not the case as other small medical facilities called dispensaries are spread across the various states.  Discussions about a medical dispensary can leave you with tons of unanswered questions, mainly because they are linked with the dispensation of Marijuana.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment and Planning

Like all cancers, breast cancer treatment options depend on the stage of disease at diagnosis. Unfortunately, for some women, this comes too late for a cure. Later stage breast cancer, known as metastatic breast cancer, is treatable but not curable. Women need to understand their treatment options for cancer that has spread, so they can make an informed care decision. A Definition Of Metastatic Breast Cancer? Stage 4, also called metastatic, is breast cancer that where the cancer cells have broken away from the original tumor and traveled to other parts of the body.

Understanding Your Breast Pump Insurance Coverage

After having a baby, deciding whether or not to breastfeed is just one of the many decisions you will have to make. Breastfeeding is a good option for your baby, but sometimes, it can really tie you down. Having a breast pump allows others to feed your baby breastmilk for you, and you can be more flexible. Getting a breast pump through your insurance is a great option to help free you up physically as well as financially.

The Five Types Of Products Sold At Most Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries are opening up in droves in states that have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use. It's clear what these dispensaries sell: cannabis. But actually, there tend to be five different types, or classes, of marijuana products sold by dispensaries. Here's a look at each type. Flower This is cannabis in its purest form. It's the flowers of the plant — where THC and other cannabinoids are formed — sold in a dried and cured state.

What You Should Know About Having A Colonoscopy Done For The First Time

Your doctor might have recommended that you have a colonoscopy done, and you might have already scheduled the procedure. If it's your first time having this done, however, you might be a bit curious about what to expect on the day of your appointment, and you might be looking for a little bit of advice and insight. These are some of the things that you should know about having a colonoscopy done for the first time.

Questions People Often Have Before Their First CT Scan

Has your doctor referred you to a radiology center for a CT scan? This is a rather routine scan and can give your doctor a lot of information, but if this is your first time having such a scan, you probably have a few questions you'd like answered prior to your appointment. What Does "CT" Stand For? Sometimes doctors and radiologists are so used to calling this scan a CT scan that they forget their patients do not know what those initials stand for.