Tips For Arranging Cremation Funeral Services

If you have lost a loved one and it was in their best wishes to be cremated, you can still have a funeral or memorial service. Consider what they might have wanted, especially if they wrote their preferences in their will. You can also choose what would be best for their friends and family. Cremation funeral services are similar to that of someone who is being buried, minus the casket. Here are some tips for arranging a cremation funeral or memorial service.

About Cremation

It first helps to know exactly what cremation is. Cremation is the process of exposing the remains at an extremely high temperature, then cooling the remains. They can be placed in anything from an urn to a decorative box. The remains might be held by a loved one, scattered at a gravesite, or scattered in a place that was memorable to that person, such as a park, beach or their favorite vacation spot.

Choosing the Container

The first thing the funeral home or crematory will require is that the cremated remains be placed in a rigid container. They will provide a variety of containers for you to choose from, or you choose a special container on your own. Due to not requiring a casket, which is one of the most expensive parts of a traditional burial and funeral, you are already saving a considerable amount of money.

What to Present at the Funeral

You also have the option of having the body placed in a temporary casket to have a traditional viewing and funeral service, then cremate their remains afterward. Since the burial often follows the funeral service, this will be slightly different. You can provide a viewing and visitation with the funeral service for friends and family, then instead of a burial, plan a reception or memorial service following it. Later, the funeral home will take care of the remains for cremation, and you can decide how you want the remains scattered.

Some funeral homes allow you to rent a casket for this very purpose, so you are still saving money by not having an expensive casket you are only using for the service.

The Funeral or Memorial Service

The service itself can be whatever you choose. For cremations, memorial services are common. You will not go to a church or a gravesite for this service, but instead have a nice memorial where you share your fond memories of the person who has passed. This may be at a private home or in a formal setting.

Scattering the Remains

There are some laws and regulations you may need to follow when deciding where and how to scatter your loved one's remains following the funeral service. There are some areas where the local laws control scattering of anything, including a person's remains. Generally, the person's private property, or public areas are not a problem. However, you cannot scatter them on someone else's private property without their written consent. Check with your local government for specific rules regarding the spreading of ashes in your area.

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