Considering An Investment In Refurbished Imaging Equipment For Your Medical Clinic? Tips For Navigating The Marketplace

When it comes to investing in imaging equipment for your clinic or medical practice, getting quality equipment at a reasonable price is no small feat. If you are exploring refurbished equipment for the savings on your budget, you'll have to approach the buying process a bit differently. Here are some tips to help you navigate the market and get equipment that will meet your needs.

Dealing with the Limited Supply

There are thousands of imaging machines in use across the country at any given time. Unfortunately, the availability of refurbished machines may not always be as plentiful. At any given time, you may only find one or two different makes or models available for sale. If you're making the choice to invest in refurbished equipment, make sure that you understand that your options may be limited by the available supply on the market.

Since supply is so limited, you'll want to be flexible about your equipment choices. Consider the core features that you truly need from the equipment first. Make your choice based on those basic needs first, and then you can consider any additional features.

Setting an Acquisition Timeline

One of the biggest things you'll encounter when you shop for refurbished equipment is the actual availability timeline. In some cases, you may need months to plan out the placement and the configuration of your equipment. Start with a timeline that allows you sufficient processing time, but make sure that your schedule is flexible, because supply issues and refurbishment can take time.

Exploring Payment Options

When you invest in new equipment, you can often establish a financing plan and make payments directly to the manufacturer as part of a capital equipment investment. When you purchase refurbished imaging equipment, you don't always have the same opportunity.

Luckily, there are financing options for refurbished equipment. In most cases, you can expect to pay a percentage deposit to lock in the purchase. Then, you'll have to make a large portion of the total payment in order to start the refurbishment process. Finally, you will pay the last of the purchase amount once the equipment is in place and you are sure that it is working.

Understanding these features of the buying process for refurbished imaging equipment will help to make your next purchase, from outlets such as Chicago C-Arms LLC, flow more efficiently. When you understand that you will have to base your selection off the current supply, be flexible in your timeline and be prepared for the necessary payment plans, you can secure the equipment that you need to keep your clinic open.