4 Tips For Positive Feminine Health

If you are a woman who wants to be sure that your gynecological health is well cared for, there are some tips that you can follow on a frequent basis to set you straight. These health and medical tips will allow you to flourish and prevent serious issues. In addition to visiting your ob-gyn on a regular basis, follow these four tips, so that your feminine health is in order. 

#1: Massage Your Breasts

With breast cancer rampant throughout society, it is vitally important that you develop a familiarity with your body, in order to notice the first sign of problems. In the case of breast health, you can gauge this through frequent breast massages. You should use rubbing and kneading finger strokes that allow you to spot lumps, while also recognizing pain or tenderness areas in your breasts. To reduce the risk of cancer, you should also wear your bra for fewer than 12 hours each day. 

#2: Avoid Waxing Before Your Gynecological Visits

Many women today maintain little to no pubic hair and do so through shaving and waxing. While this is perfectly fine, you should avoid taking this step before your gynecological visits. The reason for this is that natural hair bumps, redness or irritation that occurs when waxing or shaving can make it harder for your doctor to give you accuracy with your checkup. Leave your feminine area as nature intended prior to a visit, and then feel free to make any changes once the appointment is finished. 

#3: Get The HPV Vaccine If You Are Between 11 And 26 Years Old

In order to protect yourself from some cervical cancers that are on the rise, you should get the HPV vaccine. Younger women are more at risk, so getting this vaccine allows you to prevent this avoidable circumstance. Your obstetrics and gynecology doctor can provide you with the vaccine by appointment, which will bolster your health and your peace of mind. 

#4: Practice Overall Health

It is important to realize that your feminine health doesn't happen in a vacuum -- the way you take care of your overall health will affect your reproductive health. In addition to avoiding smoking, make sure that you exercise regularly and eat plenty of great food, predominantly made with fresh, organic produce. This will trickle down and promote positive feminine health, while also helping you to avoid infections. 

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