10 Ways To Protect Your Hearing Aids In The Summer

Your summer plans should not be interrupted with problems from your hearing aids. Fortunately for you, proactively preparing for summer activities can get you safely through the summer. Here are 10 ways you can safeguard your hearing aids with a minimal amount of effort and time. 

  1. Wear hearing aid covers. Hearing aid covers are designed to help keep away moisture and dirt. If you are going to be outside sweating or swimming this summer, be sure to use the covers. 
  2. Clean your hearing aids nightly. At the end of the day, remove the batteries and wipe your hearing aids off. Leave them open to dry out while you sleep. Use a dehumidifier in the room to help with the process. 
  3. Invest in a kit. If you are traveling this summer, get a hearing aids kit. Ensure the kit contains batteries and cleaning tools. 
  4. Wear hearing aids clips. Clips help to secure your devices in place while you engage in physical activities. They are specially made to connect your hearing aids to your clothes or glasses if you wear them. 
  5. Invest in waterproof hearing aids. As an added measure of protection while playing in water activities, get fitted for waterproof hearing aids. You can easily switch to them while swimming or during other water activities. 
  6. Be careful with the sunscreen. Sunscreen is important, but it can be damaging to your hearing aids. When applying it, be sure to keep if off of your heairng aids. 
  7. Disinfect the hearing aids. With the increased humidity, your hearing aids become a breeding ground for bacteria. To help avoid an infection, use disinfectant towelettes.  There are some available just for hearing aids. 
  8. Stay out of the sun. High heat can damage your hearing aids. To keep this from happening, be sure to limit the amount of time that you are exposed to high temperatures. 
  9. Schedule a service visit. Take your hearing aids into an audiologist and have them cleaned sometime during the summer. The audiologist can also check the hearing aids to ensure there are no problems with them. 
  10. Keep your hearing aids in the case. While on the go, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to take your case with you. However, placing them in your pocket or another unconventional storage location can cause damage.

Talk to your audiologist about other things you can do to keep your hearing aids in good shape throughout the summer. Remember, you can still have fun and protect your hearing devices at the same time.