Things To Know About Vertebroplasty Surgery For A Vertebral Fracture

Do you have back pain that seems to get worse each time that you stand up? You might be suffering from a vertebral fracture, but you can get help with the intensity of the pain by visiting a back surgeon for a procedure called vertebroplasty. Below, learn some helpful information about having a vertebral fracture and getting treated via vertebroplasty surgery.

How Does Someone Get a Vertebral Fracture?

One of the ways that vertebrae become fractured is from lifting heavy objects, which means that if you have a job that requires a lot of continuous heavy lifting, you might need to change positions. You could have also suffered a vertebral fracture from taking a hard fall to the ground. A common reason for vertebrae to get fractures is from a health condition called osteoporosis. You will need to get treated for osteoporosis to build stronger bones and the vertebral fracture. Failure to get treated for osteoporosis if it is the root of the problem can lead to more fractures and pain later on.

How Does Vertebroplasty Surgery Treat a Vertebral Fracture?

Vertebroplasty surgery is good for treating a vertebral fracture by strengthening bones. Basically, a surgeon will complete the task by inserting acrylic bone cement in the bones that are fractured. He or she will first place you under general anesthesia so you won't experience discomfort during the surgical procedure. You will have to lie on the operating table with your head faced down and back pointed towards the surgeon to make the surgical procedure easier to perform. He or she will have to create two incisions near the vertebral fracture in which tubes will be placed inside of for administration of the acrylic body cement.

What Does a Back Surgeon Charge to Perform Vertebroplasty Surgery?

The price that you are charged by a back surgeon for vertebroplasty depends on the severity of the vertebral fracture. You are looking to spend at least $2,500 for the vertebroplasty procedure. However, the procedure can cost as much as $15,000 on the highest end of the scale. The type of anesthesia used and whether or not the procedure is performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis will play a role in the overall price. You should be able to save money with health insurance, depending on the extent of your coverage. Get in touch with a back surgeon about your back pain in case you need to undergo vertebroplasty surgery! Contact a practice such as the Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates for more information about back surgery.