7 Natural Ways To Battle Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain produces significant negative impacts on your quality of life. People feeling physical pain often experience bad moods, and this can deteriorate your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. Many people find that chronic pain saps the joy out of their everyday existence. Fortunately, strategies exists for dealing with chronic pain naturally. Following are seven of them.


Many pain sufferers find relief through mindful meditation. Participants in a study by the University of North Carolina experienced a substantial decrease in pain sensitivity during the course of a three-day experimental program. Your health care professional may be able to direct you to a resource in your area that offers pain management via mindful meditation. 

Fish Oil 

One of the major causes of pain is internal inflammation, so anything with anti-inflammatory properties potentially eases pain. Fish oil contains significant anti-inflammatory compounds, particularly those made with cold-water, fatty fish such as salmon. The Arthritis Foundation recommends it for those suffering from joint tenderness caused by rheumatoid arthritis. 


Turmeric is another supplement that has been found to be instrumental in the management of chronic pain. It has successfully been used to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by joint pain, abdominal distress, infections, skin inflammations, and many more medical conditions. Most people know turmeric as a kitchen spice with a bitter bite, but easy-to-take capsules are widely available through a variety of retailers specializing in natural health products. 


Research suggests that resveratrol may be effective when used to treat post-operative pain. Resveratrol is most commonly found naturally in dark chocolate, red wine, and peanuts, and supplements are readily available in capsule form. 


Used for centuries to combat headaches, toothaches, and stomach aches, feverfew is now used in treatment of migraines. It has also been found to be an effective treatment for arthritis. Like the others listed above, capsules are easily available from natural supplement retailers. 

Willow Bark 

Willow bark contains a chemical known as salicin that has the same chemical similarities to the main ingredient in common aspirin. It comes in both liquid and capsule form and can also be purchased as a dried herb to use in making tea. 


Like mindful meditation, exercise doesn't involve using supplements or medication to relieve pain. Exercise is particularly good in helping alleviate chronic pain in joints for those with arthritis. 

It's likely that your personal pain management program will include several basic strategies, so please feel free to ask a pain management specialist like those at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine for ideas on customizing your path to a pain free existence.