Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Ultrasound When Pregnant

If this is your first pregnancy, then it is important that you know about all of the things you should do to ensure that you get the most out of your ultrasound appointments. While your physician needs you to have ultrasounds in order to check on the growth and maturation of your baby, you should be very excited because this medical procedure gives you the ability to see how your baby looks while they are still inside of your womb. However, the images you and your doctor will see on your ultrasound are dependent on you doing some special things before your appointment. Here are some tips to ensure that your ultrasound experience is the best that it can be and that the images it creates are as clear as possible:

Tip: Wear a Comfortable Pair of Pants with an Elastic Waist

So that you do not have to take off your clothing and wear a medical gown, make sure that you wear a comfortable pair of pants with an elastic waistband to your ultrasound appointment. This will allow you to simply pull down the front of your pants for the ultrasound without having to deal with taking off your clothes.

Tip: Drink a Lot of Water in the Week Leading Up to Your Appointment

While your doctor will instruct you to drink plenty of water just before your ultrasound appointment so that your bladder will move your uterus into view, they may not mention that you also need to drink plenty of water in the week before your ultrasound appointment. Drinking water during the week leading up to your appointment will ensure that your baby's amniotic fluid is clear and that your doctor will be able to get a quality view of your baby.

Tip: Drink a Large Glass of Fruit Juice on the Way to Your Appointment

Finally, since you want your baby to be active and moving around during your ultrasound, you can help to facilitate this by drinking a large glass of fruit juice in the car on the way to your ultrasound appointment. The natural sugars in the fruit juice will wake up your baby and ensure that they move around a lot during your ultrasound. However, if you are diabetic, you should skip this step so that it does not cause your blood sugar numbers to spike. Instead, your doctor can give you additional suggestions to promote the movement of your baby.

Sneak peek ultrasounds are a great way for you to start getting to know your baby as well as give you and your doctor a better idea of your child's growth and health.