3 Tips For Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Having hearing aids can change your life for the better when it comes to being social and being involved in conversations because you can actually hear what is being said and what is going on, thus allowing you to interact on a whole new level. However, in order for your hearing aids to function properly, you are going to need to clean them regularly and properly. This article is going to discuss 3 tips for cleaning your hearing aids.

Use A Bristled Brush

Because your hearing aids have speakers in them, they are going to have parts that have small holes for the sound to come out. These small holes are going to be prone to getting dirt, dust, and other particles stuck inside of them. When this happens, this can effect how well you are able to hear the speaker. A great way to clean out these holes is to use a bristled brush. You can either use a toothbrush or a brush that is specifically made for cleaning hearing aids. You are going to want to keep either brush dry and use enough force to get into the speaker holes, without being too aggressive and causing potential damage to your hearing aid speakers.

Use A Dehumidifier To Dry Them Out

When you are done cleaning your hearing aids, it is going to be important that you make sure the cases and all other non-electronic aspects of the hearing aids are dry before you put the hearing aid back together and back into your ears. A great way to speed up the drying process and to ensure that no damage occurs from moisture used, you can use a dehumidifier to dry out your hearing aid parts. The dehumidifier is going to remove any excess moisture in the air as well as from your hearing aids.

Have Them Professionally Cleaned

While cleaning your hearing aids on your own is going to be enough most of the time, you are still going to want to take them in to be professionally cleaned at least once or twice per year. When you have your hearing aids professionally cleaned, the professionals are going to be able to take them apart and clean them using specialized instruments that can clean your hearing aids without damaging them. They can also inspect your hearing aids during this time to ensure that all filters and wax shields are repaired or replaced. 

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