Building A Home And Interested In Upgrading The Master Bath? Look At These Great Features

If you are finally spending the money and taking the time to build a home, and you want it to be everything that you ever hoped, focusing on the master suite and bath is a must. Your master bathroom is your private area in the house where you should be able to unwind. There are some great features that you can use in your master bath, that not only help to make the house modern and stylish, but that are enjoyable at the same time. Look into these features.

Walk in Showers        

A walk in shower or tub is a very modern feature (go to for more information), and it helps keep the bathroom open. Talk with the contractor about these features in your shower:

  • Tile walls and flooring
  • Overhead lighting
  • Overhead or multiple shower heads
  • Steam option

Your shower shouldn't just be a shower, but it should also act as a sauna if needed. The glass doors create an open flow, bring natural light into the shower, and make the space feel bigger.

Heated Flooring

Before the flooring of choice is put down in the bathroom, the builders can lay down heating coils. This way, when the weather is cold or if you choose a cold flooring material like tile, you can get out of the shower and you don't have to step on a freezing surface. The heating flooring is a great feature and easy for the contractors to incorporate.

Built in Television

Do you like to watch the news as you are getting ready in the morning, or you don't want to miss the big game while you are getting out of the shower? Have you thought about watching a move while you are in the bath tub? If so, ask about getting a built in television somewhere in the wall, and make sure it can be seen from all areas in the master bath.

Dimmers on the lighting, a wine fridge, or even a motion sensored faucet are all things that you can have installed in your new home. Talk with the professionals to see what type of features will work the best in your master bath with the layout of your home, and what features are the most important to you. Then, you can decide which upgrades and options are worth the expense, and which will get to make the cut to get inside your home.