Top Advantages Of Long-Term Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

You have made the decision that it is time to move forward with your life, recover from your addiction, and achieve sobriety. You have two primary choices to consider at this important crossroad: should you go with short-term addiction treatment or a long-term, inpatient program? Most people choose the former because they can't imagine committing to a long-term program. However, long-term addiction treatment programs do have some pretty awesome advantages. Take a look at some of the top advantages of choosing a long-term inpatient program when you know you need help overcoming a problem with substance abuse. 

You're more likely to get access to aftercare programs. 

Aftercare programs, such as sober-living facilities and drug-free halfway houses, usually work with inpatient drug rehab facilities to accept patients who are leaving rehab and are not quite ready for going full-on back to regular life at home. When you commit to a long stay in rehab, you are more likely to get access to aftercare programs that can help you because these places do tend to look for patients coming right out of rehab, and often work as partners with rehab facilities.

You're more likely to have family therapy as part of your recovery.

Outpatient programs can be great to help you personally overcome a lot of the obstacles that come along with getting sober. However, there is one huge component of recovery that tends to get overlooked with outpatient care: family recovery. Addiction is rarely a single-person disease; it affects not just you, but your other personal family members and relationships. In a long-term inpatient program, it is common for your family to become part of your treatment plan after a span of time spent focusing on you. 

You're more likely to take part in healthy activities while you recover.

Being in an inpatient facility means you will not have the same things to occupy your time as what you would at home, which usually proves to be a good thing. Most inpatient facilities offer a full list of daily activities, from fitness classes to skills and training opportunities. Of course, a lot of these things are your choice to take advantage of, but because there is little else to fill your time, you will probably want to. This is healthy for a few reasons, it keeps your mind and body active so you learn how to avoid thinking about your cravings.