Are You Wanting To Honor A Loved One Who Passed Away?

Have you recently lost somebody who was very dear to you? Perhaps your spouse, a sibling, or a dear friend died after battling a disease like cancer. Or, you might even be going through the extreme grief of losing one of your children. Whoever it was who passed away, you are surely going through a very difficult time. Maybe you want to commemorate the life of your loved one in a special way, not only to honor him or her but to bring closure for yourself, thus being able to better face a life without that person. From writing about that individual for friends and family to following in the footsteps of the philanthropists, Jonathan and Mindy Gray, here are some ideas that might help you to move forward.

Writing About Your Loved One - Have you ever heard that writing is wonderful therapy? And, besides writing for healing purposes, it might be the perfect way for you to honor the person you loved who is now gone. If this was somebody extremely close to you, you more than likely have all the information you need to write a biography about him or her. However, it might also be good for you to talk to others who knew the deceased person well so that you can gather things like anecdotes, ways that your loved one touched the lives of people he or she knew. If you do decide to write about your loved one who has passed away, consider adding photographs to your work.

Following The Example Of Jonathan Gray - Have you even ever heard the name Jonathan Gray? If so, you know that he is known around the world as a philanthropist. Even though you may not have the amount of money that he has, you can still emulate some of the things he has done. For example, like you, Jonathan Gray's wife, Mindy, lost her dear sister. She died of cancer when she was only forty-four years old. 

The Jonathan Gray Foundation has instituted the Basser Research Center in honor of Mindy's sister, Faith. The center deals with cancer prevention, treatment, and cancer research. You may not be able to establish something on that great a scale, but you can certainly honor your loved one with a donation in his or her name. For example, if your husband died of Lou Gehrig's disease, you could make a contribution to a foundation that supports research for that disease. 

For more information, contact the Jonathan Gray family foundation.