3 Tips For Treating Work-Related Back Injuries

Work-related back injuries are one of the most common causes of back pain. If you are dealing with a back injury, treating the issue promptly might reduce the chances of repeated injuries or chronic problems with your back.

Have A Prompt Evaluation

Although you might think resting will be enough to overcome a back injury, it is important to go straight to an emergency room if you have a back injury. Some back injuries can be more severe than they seem, such as a herniated disc. If you are diagnosed with a herniated disc, depending on the extent of the herniation and any symptoms you have, doctors may want you to have surgery soon after the injury. Fortunately, most instances of back injuries are not severe and only require non-invasive treatments to help you return to full functioning.

Take Time Off

Regardless of the exact injury, taking some time off from work or performing light-duty can be critical for healing and avoiding long-term problems with your back. Your doctor may have prescribed a few days of pain medication and muscle relaxers to aid in your comfort during the initial stages of a back injury. If possible, rest while lying on your back with pillows to support your lumbar spine and with your legs elevated. When lying on your back is difficult, lie on your side and place a pillow between your legs to make your back more comfortable. A heating pad for your back can also help during the recovery, especially if the problem is related to the muscles in your back. Heat can make your muscles less tense and might reduce any spasms.

Integrate Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is frequently recommended after a back injury. Some people with a herniated disc can successfully rehabilitate their back with PT alone, assuming the herniation is not severe or unstable. The exact cause of your back injury will be an important part of PT. If you injured yourself by lifting a heavy object, your therapist will want to incorporate education on lifting items safely. It is always recommended that you lift an object by squatting down, instead of bending over. To facilitate this movement, your therapist might also recommend exercises to strengthen your legs so when you squat down, your legs are strong enough to facilitate lifting and take more of the burden off your back.

Prompt evaluation by professional injury treatment services of work-related back injuries can help you avoid developing chronic back problems that may ultimately limit your daily activities. In many cases, sufficient rest and PT is enough to treat mild to moderate injuries.