How To Take Care Of Your Eyes After Cornea Transplant Surgery

When you have corneal transplant surgery, a portion of your corneal is removed and replaced with corneal tissue from a donor. The donor corneal tissue is healthy and will help whatever issue you have with your eyes. Corneal transplant surgery is a real serious procedure; you are getting a donation from someone else to fix your eye.

After your corneal transplant surgery, you need to make sure you take proper care of your eyes to ensure that your eye doesn't reject the transplant.

#1 Keep Your Hands Away from Your Eyes

First, you need to keep your hands away from your eyes. You may not even realize how often you touch your eyes throughout the day. You don't want to rub your eyes; rubbing your eyes can be damaging to your eyes. Touching your eyes can also transfer contaminants to your eyes when they are in a sensitive state.

You may want to start practicing not touching your eyes before your surgery. It can take a while to break this habit, so start on it before your surgery, and after your surgery, really watch yourself and don't touch your eyes for any reason.

#2 Protect Your Eyes from Light

Second, you are going to want to protect your eyes from light. Your eyes are going to be really sensitive to light after your surgery, so you need to take extra precaution to protect your eyes. You are going to want to wear either an eye shield or sunglasses to protect your eyes. Eye shields can be tough to keep on your eyes for a long period of time, so you may want to invest in a pair of nice polarized sunglasses to wear while your eyes recover from your surgery. Protecting your eyes is essential and will help with the healing process.

#3 Use Your Eye Drops

Your eye doctor will issue a prescription for medical eye drops. You need to make sure that you use these eye drops as prescribed by your eye doctor. These eye drops are designed to keep your eyes well lubricated while your eyes are healing. These eye drops also protect your eyes from infection. Use the eye drops for the entire time prescribed, even if your eyes are feeling great.

After corneal transplant surgery, keep your hands away from your eyes. Get a nice pair of polarized sunglasses and protect your eyes from the light, both inside and outside. Be sure to use the eye drops your eye doctor gave you and follow all of their instructions. If you have more questions, reach out directly to your eye doctor for help.