What To Know About An Otoplasty

If your child has ears that protrude from the side of their head, then you may be a bit concerned that as they grow up that they will get made fun of. Luckily, there are a lot of pediatric plastic surgeons that perform a surgical procedure called an otoplasty. But what is an otoplasty and what information do you need to know about it? To help you decide whether or not this may be good for your child, this article will take a more in depth look at this surgical procedure. Are you ready to learn more? If so, read on. 

What Is an Otoplasty? 

An otoplasty is an ear pinning surgery in which a pediatric plastic surgeon will remove excess tissue from the ear, reposition it, and then stitch it up to make the ears a little bit more flush with the head. This surgery is done on a regular basis to help young patients correct this cosmetic issue before they get a little bit older. 

What Is Recovery Like?

After surgery, your child will be sent home with their head bandaged. This bandaging will help keep the incisions in place and will also prevent against too much swelling. Your child should keep these bandages on for the first few days. Afterwards, you can remove them, gently clean the incisions, and then put a smaller bandage over the top of their ears. While your child is recovering from this type of surgery, make sure that they rest all of the time. Just like with any surgery, rest will help them recover faster. To keep them sedentary, consider getting some board games that they can play while they're sitting down or watch a bunch of movies with them as well. After a few weeks of healing, your child should be able to go back to playing like normal. 

What Are Results Like?

The last thing that you want as a parent is for your child to be made fun of for their appearance. Luckily, if your child's ears do protrude from their head, a pediatric plastic surgeon can help correct this issue. 

During your child's initial consultation with their pediatric plastic surgeon, the surgeon will discuss everything that you need to know about this surgery in detail. To learn more about otoplasty surgery or to schedule your child's consultation appointment, reach out to a pediatric plastic surgeon in your area today!