Older Adults: What Can You Do About Your Droopy Forehead?

If your forehead droops or sags from age, you might try all sorts of facial exercises to lift and tone your skin. But if none of your exercises create the results you want, you can cosmetically lift your brow instead. Learn why your forehead looks the way it does and how cosmetically changing your situation can help.

Why Does Your Forehead Sag So Much?

As a young adult, you may have taken your skin for granted. But as you get older, your skin might not appear as resilient, toned, or firm as it did as a young adult. For some adults, the loss of skin resilience can be difficult to understand.

Your skin contains special chemicals and cells that keep it looking young and healthy, including collagen. Collagen is a unique protein that "holds" your bones, muscles, joints, and skin together. However, time, age, and other concerning factors can weaken the collagen in your skin over time, including the skin in your forehead, around your eyes and cheeks, and near your mouth. Wrinkles, dullness, a loss of elasticity, and dryness can also affect your skin as you get older. 

You might try a number of things to combat the negative effects above, including exercising your face and plumping your skin with creams and serums. Although the solutions may work right away, they may not provide you with the long-term results you really need. If you wish to improve your forehead permanently, speak to a cosmetic doctor. 

How Can You Cosmetically Tighten Your Forehead?

A cosmetic doctor or specialist will need to examine the skin on your forehead and around your brow before they proceed with treatment. If your skin contains adult acne, cancerous moles, or other dermatology problems, a doctor will need to remedy, treat, or address these issues first. If your skin is relatively healthy, a doctor can move forward with your cosmetic treatment.

The most common cosmetic treatment for sagging foreheads is the brow lift. The procedure allows a doctor to:

  • remove extra skin from your forehead
  • tighten the muscles beneath your skin
  • reposition the skin and muscles in your forehead

If you have sagging or drooping in your upper or lower eyelids, a doctor may also address this issue during your treatment. Droopy eyelids can be a concern for aging adults. 

Learn more about forehead surgery and other cosmetic procedures for older adults by contacting a doctor like William M. Parell, MD, PSC.