Learn More About Scrubs

If you are thinking about a career in the medical field, or you are new to a medical-field related career, then you may be looking for information on scrubs. You can learn more about scrubs in this article and it can help you to have a better understanding of why scrubs are worn by those who work in a medical facility and help you to have a good idea of what you want to consider when you are looking for scrubs. 

The color of scrubs can tell you a lot

In some places, such as private doctor's offices or even in places like a dental office or a veterinarian office, the staff may wear scrubs of any color. They may even wear fun scrubs with cute designs. It's likely you will see staff wearing cartoon characters on their scrubs in a pediatric office and staff wearing scrubs with animals on them at a veterinarian office. However, in facilities such as hospitals, the colors of the scrubs often indicate the position the person wearing them holds. You may notice the surgeons in green, the doctors in blue, the receptionists in gray, and so on. The colors can vary from facility to facility, but they are often used to make it easier for staff to identify others quickly. 

Also, there are other reasons why some medical professionals may wear the colors they do. For example, green and blue colors are colors that will help a doctor's eyes to 'refresh' themselves after staring at something with a lot of red, such as the inside of a person, as well as blood. This is why surgeons tend to wear green and doctors tend to wear blue. Also, a lot of times a phlebotomist will wear burgundy or red scrubs. 

Scrubs are more about cross-contamination than the identification of the medical professionals

While it's true that wearing scrubs can make it easier to identify who works in a medical facility, the real reason why they are required is due to their ability to help prevent cross-contamination. Wearing scrubs helps to keep the medical environments sterile and there are other features they have that help prevent the spread of illnesses. Just one example of this is the V-neck they have. This V-neck not only helps someone change their scrubs quickly, but it also helps decrease the amount of contact their face will have with the material when removing the scrubs.

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