The Five Types Of Products Sold At Most Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries are opening up in droves in states that have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use. It's clear what these dispensaries sell: cannabis. But actually, there tend to be five different types, or classes, of marijuana products sold by dispensaries. Here's a look at each type.


This is cannabis in its purest form. It's the flowers of the plant — where THC and other cannabinoids are formed — sold in a dried and cured state. Buyers can smoke the flower in their preferred way, or they can use the raw flower to make their own edibles, tinctures, or the like. Most dispensaries carry many different strains of flower, each with its own benefits.


Vapor liquids are often sold in cartridges and in disposable units. These liquids are infused with THC, and sometimes also with CBD. They can be smoked discretely, leaving little odor. Vapor products are common with people who worry about the health impact of smoking, and with those who want to be able to use their cannabis without lighting something up.


Concentrates are basically wax or oils that contain high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids. These concentrates can be smoked and inhaled, resulting in a much higher dose of THC than one would typically get from smoking a flower or a vape product. There are a few different types of concentrates. Distillate is a liquid. Shatter is a harder wax product.


Edibles are any consumable product that contains THC or other cannabinoids. These vary widely. At some dispensaries, you may see candies, like gummies and chocolates. At other dispensaries, you may see baked goods, like brownies and cookies. You'll typically see the amount of THC listed on the product label. For instance, you may see some edibles that contain 5 mg THC per serving, and others that contain 15 mg THC per serving.


Pre-rolls are essentially joints that have already been rolled and prepared for the user. Think of them as marijuana cigarettes. They generally contain pre-ground flower. Most dispensaries sell pre-rolls of many different strains. Pre-rolls are good for customers who want to try new strains without buying a large amount.

Now that you're familiar with the various types of products that most dispensaries sell, you'll feel better equipped to make a smart purchase when you do visit a dispensary. Don't be afraid to talk to a budtender; they can help you make the right selection.