A Guide on Medical Dispensaries

Health care is an essential part of human rights and needs. Unfortunately, health care is perceived to be in line with big hospitals and a battalion of skilled personnel. Yet, that is usually not the case as other small medical facilities called dispensaries are spread across the various states. 

Discussions about a medical dispensary can leave you with tons of unanswered questions, mainly because they are linked with the dispensation of Marijuana. For that reason, the text below will be able to help answer a few essential questions about what happens at a medical dispensary. 

What is a Medical Dispensary?

A medical dispensary is a small office within an industrial plant, school, correction center, military camp, or the hospital itself that dispenses medical supplies, medication, and other primary care services, such as wound dressing and child immunization. Simply put, a medical dispensary is a mini-hospital that specializes in primary, uncomplicated medical care.

 One key distinction between a medical dispensary and a hospital is that patients cannot be hospitalized in the former. So, for instance, if you visit a medical dispensary with a serious problem that requires hospitalization, you will get a referral to the nearest hospital instead. 

What Are the Characteristics of a Medical Dispensary?

Some of the distinguishing features of medical dispensaries are;

  • A registered nurse operates it.
  • It offers essential health care services, such as the management of minor ailments. Dispensaries are a critical aspect of primary health care since the medical personnel at the facility can diagnose and prevent severe ailments at an early stage. 
  • In some instances, a medical dispensary can be a make-shift structure to take care of victims of a natural disaster, such as a storm, wildfire, or explosion.
  • Some medical dispensaries are in marginalized places where access to the hospital is difficult.

What is the Relationship Between a Medical and Cannabis Dispensary?

An online search for the term "medical dispensary" will give you numerous cannabis or marijuana dispensation leads. Such might stir confusion as the relationship is not very clear. However, as the legalization of Marijuana takes shape in some western countries, governments have been establishing cannabis dispensaries to help track sales and consumption. 

While a medical dispensary dispenses medical supplies and primary care services, a cannabis dispensary dispenses medical Marijuana to patients. However, cannabis dispensaries are only operational in states where marijuana usage is legal. 

Medical dispensaries are designated offices that facilitate the dispensation of primary health care services. A medical dispensary is distinguishable from a hospital by its unique characteristics, such as management by small personnel and specialization in uncomplicated medical care.