Strategies For Enjoying Long-Lasting Results Of Botox Treatments

The application of Botox injections is a popular treatment for reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. The injections minimize those aging-related issues and even eliminate some lines. Patients appreciate their rejuvenated appearance resulting from a noninvasive procedure.


Botox works by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin. It's especially effective on certain areas of the face. For instance, the substance significantly decreases the appearance of lines around the eyes that have developed because of squinting, smiling, or laughing over the years. Forehead lines connected with frowning or concentration also are minimized. 


Often, the initial decision to have Botox injections is made because the person wants to look rejuvenated before a social event. The injections should be performed at least two weeks beforehand. It takes about that long for the effects to be maximized. Initial results can be seen within a week, but viewing optimum effects requires a bit more patience. 

Repeated Treatments

The muscle relaxation gradually dissipates, causing the lines and wrinkles to become more prominent over time. Treatments can be performed a few times each year as needed to maintain the effects.

Extending Effectiveness

People can extend Botox effectiveness by taking good care of their skin between treatments.

Moisturizing and Hydration

They might ask the doctor which moisturizing products are best for maintaining the results and preventing further damage. Cheap moisturizers might not be as effective as better-quality products. Another beneficial activity is staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day.

Avoiding Ultraviolet Light

Avoiding ultraviolet light exposure as much as possible is important. Those rays are the main source of aging effects on skin. Staying in the shade while outside is beneficial and so is wearing high-quality sunscreen. A wide-brim hat also shields the face from ultraviolet rays. 

Reducing Stress

Another strategy is to practice stress-busting techniques. Cortisol produced by the body because of stress becomes harmful when it is present chronically. One negative effect is that it speeds the aging of the skin.

Botox Itself

Interestingly, Botox itself also serves as a preventive measure for lines and wrinkles. That's because it stops the muscles that cause facial lines from moving. The forehead does not move into a frown, and lines aren't created around the eyes when the person laughs. 

Using these strategies, individuals might only need injections twice a year or less often. Patients can safely continue with Botox treatment as long as they want to.

For more information, contact a plastic surgeon who offers Botox injections.