Subtle Signs You Might Need Glasses

When you're a child, you may have more opportunities to determine whether you need glasses or not. When you grow up, you may not have these same opportunities, so the need for glasses can go overlooked for a while. Here are some subtle signs that might indicate you need eyeglasses as an adult.

Squinting to See

When people slowly lose their vision over time, they tend to naturally start compensating by squinting. The act of squinting narrows your field of vision and can allow you to more clearly see what you're focusing on. But even if you can see okay when you squint, the fact that you have to squint when others do not can indicate that you probably need glasses. You may not be aware that you've developed the habit of squinting until you start paying attention to it.

Trouble Driving at Night

You might notice that you see halos around lights at night, or that you simply struggle to see well after dark. This can indicate any number of vision problems, but often, it's just an early indicator that you need glasses. You probably can't see as well as you should in the daytime, either, but your declining vision is simply more noticeable at night so far. Glasses can help you see more clearly and drive at night with confidence once again.


Persistent and chronic headaches can have a number of causes. You should certainly see a physician to ensure nothing too sinister is causing your headaches. However, it's also wise to see an eye doctor. Many headaches are caused by unequal vision between the eyes. For example, you might not be able to see as well out of your right eye as your left eye. Your brain has to work hard to compensate for this, which leads to headaches. Correcting this with eyeglasses can put an end to the pain.

Tired Eyes

How do your eyes feel after you spend a few hours reading or even just watching TV? If your eyes often feel tired, or if you feel the need to rub them, then this could be because you need glasses. Simply using your eyes is more exhausting when your vision is not clear!

If you're dealing with any of the issues above, have your vision assessed. If you do need glasses, then getting some will be really beneficial for you. For more information, reach out to a local eye care center.