How To Tell If You Have A Bone Infection In Your Foot

Infections in any part of your body are serious and require prompt medical care to ensure that they don't worsen and become even more of a problem. While you might think of infection as something that can occur in your skin, it's important to know that some infections can run deeper. It's possible to develop an infection in the bones in various parts of your body, including in your foot. This type of ailment can occur in various ways but often begins with a cut or other wound in the foot that becomes infected to the point that the infection travels all the way to the bone. If you believe that you have a bone infection in your foot, see a local podiatrist promptly. Here are some indicators. 

Pain And Swelling

Pain and swelling are common indicators of any infection, whether it's a small cut on your finger or a bigger issue such as a bone infection in your foot. Often, you'll notice pain that feels deep inside of the foot, rather than close to the surface. The pain can feel like a dull ache but may worsen when you stand up or walk on the foot—particularly if the infection is situated on the bottom of the foot. Varying degrees of swelling can also occur, which can be a visual indicator of a problem.

Limited Mobility

Depending on where the bone infection is located, you may notice that you have limited mobility in your foot. For example, an infection in one of the phalanges or metatarsals can prevent the toe from moving in its usual way. The limited mobility will be even more noticeable if there's a lot of swelling in the area. You may find that even if you gently move the toe with your fingers, it doesn't bend in its usual manner.


The above symptoms are generally more than enough to alert you to a problem with your foot that requires the attention of a podiatrist. However, you may also experience other issues if you have a bone infection in this part of your body. A common symptom of any serious infection is a fever. If you've recently developed a fever and are experiencing these issues with your foot, you can assume that the infection is the cause of the fever. Your podiatrist will treat your bone infection in a number of ways, which will result in your fever coming down.

Contact a local podiatrist to learn more.