You Might Be Comfortable With Your Body, But Don't Do These Things During A Massage

Although you can leave your underwear on, it's conventional to take your clothing off when you have a massage. Doing so gives your practitioner easy access to your muscles, which he or she will knead and rub to alleviate soreness and help you to relax. Some people are more comfortable with nudity than others; whereas one massage client might be embarrassed about being partially disrobed for his or her treatment, you might have no problem with it. Your comfort with your nude body doesn't mean that your therapist feels the same way — here are some things that you shouldn't do.

Begin Disrobing In The Therapist's Presence

When you have a massage, you'll commonly start the session by sitting across from your therapist to discuss your goals for the session. After this conversation, it's time to get undressed and on the table — but not right away. Don't be quick to jump up and start to take your clothing off. Your therapist will leave the room, give you adequate time to get undressed and get on the table, and then only return once you've given your consent by answering the massage therapist's question through the door.

Lie On Top Of The Table

You might be so eager to get undressed and climb onto the table for the massage that you fail to carefully heed the massage therapist's advice about doing so. While your therapist will ask you to get onto the table — generally, he or she will advise you whether you should lie on your back or your front at this time — the therapist will also specify that you need to get under the sheet. Don't simply get undressed and lie on the table in the nude; you'll create an awkward moment when the therapist comes back into the room. Instead, slip under the sheet and ensure that your body is covered.

Lift The Sheet As You Turn

Massage therapists practice something called draping, which means that they expose individual parts of your body for treatment while the rest of the body stays covered with a sheet. This means that your private areas are never exposed. Partway through the treatment, the therapist will ask you to roll from your front to your back or vice versa. Don't make the mistake of flinging the sheet back or lifting it high above your body when you make this move. Instead, keep it close to your body as you roll.

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